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Limerick is honoured and delighted to be Ireland’s first National City of Culture in 2014. The momentum and excitement has been building since the announcement by Minister Jimmy Deenihan T.D. in July 2012.

In recognition of the importance of this project for the Country and for Limerick, a dynamic leadership team, covering international politics, music, sport, art, finance and marketing has been put in place to drive the project forward.  Board members include:

Board Member

Pat Cox:

Former MEP and Chairman of the Board

Board Member

Mike Fitzpatrick:

Director of Limerick National City of Culture

Board Member

Paul O’Connell:

Munster Rugby, Ireland and British and Irish Lions Captain

Board Member

Bill Whelan:

Composer, Producer and Arranger

Board Member

Orlaith McBride:

Director of the Arts Council/An Chomhairle Ealaion

Board Member

Conn Murray:

Manager / CEO Limerick City and County Council

Board Member

Tim O’Connor:

Chairman of the Advisory Board to the Gathering Ireland 2013 and former Secretary General to the President of Ireland

Board Member

Brian McEnery:

Partner on the Corporate Finance & Recovery Team of BDO Ireland

Board Member

Dave O’Hora:

Account Director with Southern Marketing Media and Design

Board Member

Neil Pakey:

CEO at Shannon Airport Authority

Board Member

Louise Donlon:

Manager of the Lime Tree Theatre in Mary Immaculate College, Limerick

Board Member

Karen O'Donnell O'Connor:

Community Development Officer, Chair of Creative Communities (Community Pillar)

Board Member

James Lawlor:

Academic Researcher & Èigse Michael Hartnett Literary & Arts Festival Committee Member

Board Member

Kevin Sheehan

Board Member

Marian Hurley

Board Member

Michael Sheahan

Board Member

Michael Collins

A full time Culture Team is in place to manage and programme the project through to the end of 2014. 


Our Pillar System

Limerick City of Culture established 6 pillars of communication & engagement to work closely with the arts, cultural and community sector across Limerick.


The pillar system is working very effectively and is a great way for any interested parties to find out more and get involved as part of Limerick's designation as the 1st National City of Culture.

The Pillar groups meet regularly and are active in the following ways;

  • A key link for communication of information between the pillars and Limerick City of Culture Team

  • Networking and learning opportunities across artforms

  • Support and advice to members of the pillar groups and any related queries

  • Key contacts for 'Made in Limerick' projects


Communication is a key part of the process and we encourage anyone interested to join a pillar group and attend meetings.

Please see below on details of who is the key contact for each pillar and how to get in touch.

Arts & Artists Chairperson Ann Blake, Vice-Chairperson Peter Barley

Pillar Email:theatrecityofculture@gmail.com


Community & Culture Chairperson Karen O' Donnell O' Connor Vice-Chairperson Patrick McElligott

Pillar Email: communitylimerick2014@gmail.com


Food & Craft Chairperson Ruth Crean, Vice-Chairperson Theresa Storey

Pillar Email: cfhlimerick2014@gmail.com


History & Heritage Chairperson Ursula Callaghan, Vice-Chairperson Emma Gilleece

Pillar Email: cityofcultureh7hpillar@gmail.com Twitter: @LimerickH7H 



Sports Chairperson John Cantwell

Pillar Email: sportscityofculture@gmail.com


Venues & Institutions Chairperson Louise Donlon, Vice-Chairperson Jacqui Hayes

Pillar Email: vandilimerick2014@gmail.com



Our vision for cultural development in Limerick City is to create a vibrant city, widely recognised as a cultural centre, where arts, culture and sport are placed firmly at the centre of economic, social and physical regeneration in a way which inspires, empowers and elevates those who live, work and visit the city.
Limerick City of Culture 2014 will be driven by four pillars of engagement:

  1. Creativity & Innovation CREATIVE CITY

    • To provide opportunities for creativity and innovation and new ideas using the landscape of the city, its locations and environment.

    • To encourage ambitious, bold and daring original projects and programmes.

    • To Re-Imagine 'Limerick City' through quality cultural and creative original projects and programmes.

  2. Access & Participation CREATIVE CITIZENSHIP

    • To work with citizens of Limerick to create immersive, valuable, quality creative projects that have access and participation at their very core.

    • To allow citizens to celebrate their own creativity.

    • To develop programmes and activity which encourage visitors to choose Limerick as a destination for social and cultural activity.

    • To reinvigorate Limerick City Centre with cultural activity, making it a place to visit.

  3. Partnership & Collaboration COLLABORATION, CATALYST AND LEGACY

    • To ensure that programmes and projects are collaborative in nature and support partnerships between local, national and international groups/agencies.

    • To develop programmes that encourage local partnerships across the city and its environs

    • To develop the city as a hub for inspirational thinking and ideas and to create programmes, projects and dialogues that can have a use and purpose for citizens beyond the year 2014.

  4. Passport & Connectivity PASSPORT TO THE FUTURE

    • To provide opportunities for the export of Limerick Cultural Product

    • To ensure Limerick takes its place on a National and International Stage

    • To forge and sustain links between Limerick and International cultural providers

    • To develop Limerick cultural providers as Irish Cultural Ambassadors


Limerick - National City of Culture 2014 is an ambitious plan to take these different elements of both our traditional and modern culture and establish Limerick as an internationally recognised location for culture in 2014 and beyond.

The mission for the year is to provide cultural access for all within the City and its hinterland and to creatively connect with the outside world.